The Eslabón Perdido (Missing Link) Expedition successfully found the exact location of the sunken submarine 4 kilometers offshore from the coast of Necochea and at a depth of 28 meters. The data obtained is consistent with the videos previously taken by the Argentine Naval Prefecture, which show a completely destroyed hull partially sunk up to the deck. Among the elements found are hatches, compressed air tanks, some oval openings of the external hull, mooring bitts, and a part of the turret and attack periscope.

The data obtained from lateral scan sonar and ROV equipment will be analyzed by experts in an effort to throw further light on the remains found and the general context of the wreckage. The area is being investigated as if it were a crime scene, so it is important to consider all relevant aspects under the assumption that the submarine was blown up using explosives.

This operation was made possible thanks to the permanent support and collaboration from the Ministry of Security of Argentina, headed by Minister Patricia Bullrich, the National Naval Prefect Guillermo Giménez Pérez, and Prefect Fernando Rodríguez, head of the Quequén Naval Prefecture.

One of the images obtained by an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) of the Argentine Naval Prefecture where the periscope of the submarine would be seen. – Eslabón Perdido
Naval prefecture image

Led by the journalist and historian Abel Basti, the Eslabón Perdido expedition was made possible thanks to the collaboration and financing aid of The Reitich Foundation, whose founder and president Jaime Philippe Reitich strives to clarify the hitherto unrevealed historical truth.

“Justice, justice you shall pursue”

Agrupación Eslabón Perdido & Fundación Reitich
Comunicado de Prensa, 13 de abril del 2024